Direct Flights from Pardubice to Spain Take Off

A regular flight service from Pardubice, Czech Republic, to Girona, Spain, has been launched, expanding the number of destinations accessible from Pardubice Airport. The first passengers of this newly inaugurated service flew in from Girona, located about 100 kilometers from Barcelona. The Irish low-cost company, Ryanair, will operate this regular line twice weekly, on Thursdays and Sundays.

The Světlík family from Brno was among the travelers who took advantage of the inaugural flight to Spain on Thursday. “The grand opening of flights to Girona pleasantly surprised us because refreshments awaited us here. It made the waiting time for departure enjoyable,” said Ondřej Světlík with a smile before departure. The family is looking forward to spending several days of vacation in Spain.

Maria Ministrová from East Bohemian Airport, which operates Pardubice Civil Airport, said, “We are discussing with Ryanair whether the departure time from Spain could be better. Since the flight from Girona is early in the morning, it could be moved to the afternoon hours. That would allow people to spend more time there.” It flies with a Boeing plane with a capacity of 189 seats. This year, it flies from Easter to October.

Alicja Wójcik-Gołębiowská, the spokeswoman for Ryanair, confirmed that Alicante and Barcelona, or rather Girona, are among popular destinations. Moreover, according to her, not only will people traveling abroad check in in Pardubice, but it can also attract passengers from elsewhere.

In conclusion, launching a regular flight service from Pardubice to Spain is a significant addition to the Czech Republic’s international transportation network. It offers new opportunities for leisure and business travelers and boosts the local economy by attracting tourists from other regions.