Dog Urinals from Brno Conquer the World, Protected by a Patent

Ten years ago, a group of dog owners in Brno-Žabovřesky were frustrated during their walks, complaining about urine-stained building facades and the unpleasant odor permeating the area. František, an IT specialist, couldn’t ignore it any longer and decided to bring a prototype of a dog urinal on their next outing.

The prototype consisted of a plastic tube with holes through which the dog’s urine would enter and gradually seep into the ground. Most people laughed, finding it ridiculous. However, a graphic designer named Šárka saw potential in the idea and offered to help František.

And so, the story of dog urinals from Brno began, spreading from Žabovřesky to Calgary. Today, they are protected by a European patent, and the latest generation of these urinals resembles elegant pre-war patios or futuristic artwork in their design.

The urinals first conquered Moravia and have made their mark in Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, and even Canada, thanks to an online shop.

“Our facilities teach owners to be responsible. It’s not acceptable for dogs to urinate everywhere in city centers and busy residential areas,” said František Tomeček, the creator of the urinals, who pursued this business in his spare time.

The urinals are primarily designed for male dogs who lift their legs and leave noticeable stains on building facades. Only dominant female dogs also adopt this behavior.

Lumík, the first dog urinator The scent of another dog’s urine attracts dogs preparing for their own small needs, leading them safely to the sophisticated urinal. The latest generation of these devices includes small underground containers with overflow drains, serving as drainage systems. The urine gradually releases into the ground from these containers.

While White Fang became the most famous fictional dog, Rin Tin Tin became the first canine film star, and Laika became the first dog astronaut, Lumík, a Jack Russell Terrier owned by František Tomeček, will be remembered in canine history as the first dog urinator.

After installing a urinal, the crucial step is to have the first dog use it, which is not always straightforward. But once achieved, everything reportedly goes smoothly. Lumík is experienced and paves the way to a more civilized future for his canine friends.

The Czech Republic is home to two million dogs, making it the largest dog-owning country in Europe. “However, many owners neglect or struggle to care for their dogs. Urinals could initiate change. While they are primarily for the dogs’ benefit, breeders must realize their responsibility towards their pets,” added graphic designer Šárka Fialová.

While wooden urinals cost around 700 Czech korun and have sold a thousand units, the luxurious concrete model called Dunaj, adorned with stones, comes with a price tag of 6,000 Czech korun. Nearly 500 customers have already purchased it.