Don’t Step Out Without a Raincoat: Czech Weather Forecast

This week, several frontal systems will influence the Czech Republic, bringing about a significant amount of cloudiness and precipitation. The wind will be pretty noticeable, and the sun rarely appears. Meteorologist Dagmar Honsová shared this information.

“The dynamics of this week’s weather will be quite large,” notes Honsová. After the passage of a warm front on Monday, temperatures will rapidly increase, but the end of the week will bring a noticeable cooling down. Honsová warns, “On Monday, there may be occasional freezing precipitation, and the formation of black ice is a risk. Morning fog can also freeze in places. The end of the week will bring heavier snowfall to the mountains and, combined with fresh wind, snow tongues will form.”

On Monday, a warm front will influence the country’s weather. Morning temperatures will hover around freezing in places but will rise quickly throughout the day. The highest temperatures will be reached at night, culminating up to 13 °C in the southwestern regions.

Tuesday will have the highest cloudiness and precipitation in the morning and midday. It will be overcast, with occasional rain or showers. Morning temperatures will be high, between 11 and 7 °C. Daytime temperatures will rise to values between 9 and 13 °C, but the feeling of cold will be increased by the western wind with gusts of 55 km/h.

As the week progresses, the weather will be similar. Wednesday through Friday will be cloudy or overcast, with occasional rain or showers. Morning temperatures will range from 6 to 2 °C, with daytime temperatures from 7 to 11 °C. The weekend will continue the trend, with occasional rain or showers and temperatures ranging from 1 to -4 °C in the morning and 2 to 7 °C during the day.