Don’t wait and pay up: doctors are taking thousands from patients

Many doctors are still unsatisfied with the amount they receive from health insurance companies to treat patients. Some of them, therefore, demand additional payments directly from patients, which can reach thousands of Czech crowns. However, the law strictly prohibits such behavior.

We have learned of several cases where doctors demanded financial compensation from their patients. In one case, a patient paid the doctor CZK 4,000 for an operation that was supposed to be covered by health insurance. Another patient was charged CZK 2,500 for an examination.

Doctors justify such behavior by saying they do not receive sufficient remuneration from health insurance companies for the provided care. However, the law clearly states that doctors are not allowed to demand additional payments from patients for services that are covered by health insurance.

The Ministry of Health warns that such behavior is illegal and that doctors who violate the law can be fined up to CZK 2 million. Patients are encouraged to report such incidents to the relevant authorities.

According to the Ministry of Health, doctors’ salaries have been increasing in recent years and will continue to grow. The Ministry is also working on measures to ensure that doctors receive adequate remuneration for their work.