Early Retirement in the Czech Republic May No Longer Be Advantageous

According to důchodový poradce Martin Kohoutek, early retirement in the Czech Republic may no longer be advantageous due to changes set to be implemented by the government. The conditions for early retirement will be significantly worsened. However, those interested in early retirement can use a trick to maintain favorable conditions.

Almost one-third of pensioners in the country are in early retirement. Last year, early retirement was more advantageous than regular retirement due to extraordinary valorizations resulting from high inflation. This situation may repeat this year with another extraordinary valorization in June.

However, with the implementation of new rules, early retirement will be significantly reduced, and the percentage of the exchange will not be increased until the regular retirement age is reached. These pensions will be almost non-valorized. From the fall of 2024, two more changes are planned. Early retirement will only be available three years before regular retirement, and people will need 40 years of pension insurance to qualify.

In planning for retirement in the face of these changes, the ideal process for those interested in early retirement appears to be to submit a form in the summer expressing interest in Early Retirement. Then, a six-month period begins, during which one can write a classic application for early retirement and retroactively have it recognized within six months from the date of form submission. People must, of course, meet the current conditions for early retirement.

This way, one can decide when to approve the pension, perhaps until this November or December. One advantage of this is that from the end of September, the pension granted in 2024 can be calculated precisely because the necessary parameters will already be known.

Legislative changes will affect early retirement negatively, and it is recommended to submit a form expressing interest in Early Retirement before the fall of 2022. Those with the right to regular retirement in 2024 are recommended to apply for Early Retirement and calculate the appropriate variant in the fall. The situation is much worse for those with the right to regular retirement in 2025, 2026, 2027, etc.