Easing Regulations for Non-EU Dentists in the Czech Republic

The Czech Senate has paved the way for dentists from countries outside the European Union to integrate into the Czech Republic’s healthcare system more easily. The Senate approved an amendment regarding the conditions for obtaining and recognizing professional qualifications. This law aims to address the country’s shortage of dentists and was previously passed in an expedited manner by the Chamber of Deputies.

Dentists from non-EU countries will be able to practice under the supervision of another dentist. Previously, doctors from countries like Ukraine had first to gain recognition of their diploma, pass a Czech language exam, and also a professional licensing exam.

The amendment stipulates that upon verification of their education, these doctors can work under the supervision of a dentist with at least five years of experience and contracts with at least three health insurance companies. This move is expected to help fill the gap in dental care services in the Czech Republic.

However, the amendment has faced opposition from the Dental Chamber, which warned that it might challenge the legislation in court. The current situation in the Czech Republic is such that up to 1.8 million people lack access to a dentist.

The Czech Republic’s decision to ease the integration of non-EU dentists into its healthcare system reflects a pragmatic approach to addressing the country’s shortage of dental care providers. Despite potential legal challenges, this move signifies an important step in ensuring all residents have access to dental care.