Easter Baking Ingredients see a 32% Price Hike from Last Year

Easter baking will be more expensive this year, as ingredients have increased by an average of 32% compared to last year, according to promotional flyers from major Czech retailers.

Of the nine ingredients needed for baking Easter lamb cakes or mazanec, people will have to pay more for eight, with milk and granulated sugar experiencing the most significant year-on-year price increase. The average discount for selected items in promotional flyers was 26% this year, two percentage points less than last year.

“Easter is the first specific period of the year when consumers’ interest in buying specific items increases, particularly eggs or baking ingredients. Like last year, we analyzed the promotional flyers of the seven largest retailers this year and compared the prices of nine selected items year-on-year. Compared to last year, we must pay the most for milk, sugar, or eggs, an integral part of Easter. The average discount for selected items was 26% this year, compared to 28% last year,” said Jaroslav Staněk from Česká distribuční. This company analyzed and compared prices in promotional flyers from the seven largest Czech retailers.

Milk has increased in price the most, doubling to almost 22 Czech korunas from the average promotional price of 11 korunas per liter last year’s Easter. Gyear’sted sugar has also increased significantly, with a 88% year-on-year increase to 25 korunas per kilogram in the promotion. Eggs have also risen dramatically in price, with a pack of ten size M eggs selling on average for 44 korunas in the advertisement, about 13 korunas more than last year’s Easter.

Analysts have observed a significant percentage increase (63%) in the price of baking powder. However, given the low purchase cost, customers will only pay one koruna more per pack. The price of 100 g of raisins has increased roughly the same year-on-year.

A kilogram of wholemeal wheat flour is now available in the promotion for more than two korunas less than last year. The price of vanilla sugar remained practically the same year-on-year. The same is true for whole unpeeled almonds, which have even decreased in price by three percent compared to last year’s pre-Easter period.

Bakers will pay 60 korunas for ingredients to make Easter lamb cakes, a third (15 korunas) more than last year. The same increase applies to the purchase of baking ingredients for Easter mazanec.