Electric Scooters and Quirky Vehicles: A Surge in Insurance Coverage

Milan Malíček

As a new compulsory insurance policy for small vehicles comes into effect, thousands of insurance contracts are being registered. This mostly pertains to electric scooters, but some other, often quirky, vehicles are also part of the mix.

In the first month of the new policy’s validity, major insurance companies have witnessed an influx of contracts for electric scooter insurance. However, the rules aren’t always simple, even for the insurance companies. According to Jan Marek, a spokesperson for Generali Czech Insurance, “So far, our clients have insured several thousand vehicles. In terms of curiosities, apart from e-scooters, we have encountered three- and four-wheeled senior vehicles and electric longboards or unicycles.”

Interestingly, clients have also been inquiring about regular handmowers or motorboats liability insurance. However, liability insurance does not apply to these. This highlights a general confusion about the new obligation to have liability insurance for a new category of vehicles.

From April, the need for compulsory insurance applies to small vehicles with a speed above 25 kilometers per hour, or those heavier than 25 kilograms and with a speed above 14 kilometers per hour. The insurance for e-scooters usually costs between 300 and 600 korunas per year, similar to that of small mopeds.

At Allianz, people have insured hundreds of such vehicles, while at Kooperativa, it’s over ten thousand. Of these, 7719 were electric scooters or segways. They also insured several electric tricycles or quadricycles and received an inquiry about insuring a driver for a wheelchair, which, however, is exempt from insurance.

In conclusion, driving a vehicle without compulsory insurance can result in a fine of up to 40,000 korunas, payment into the insurance guarantee fund, and compensation for any damage caused in full.