Expansion of the Modřanská Street Access to the Jižní Spojka is Postponed until September

Georgi Bidenko

The Prague road authorities have postponed the expansion of the Modřanská street access to the Jižní Spojka, which was supposed to start on Tuesday, April 11. The project has been rescheduled for September of this year. The reason is the coincidence of several repairs in this part of the city, including repairing the tram track between Podolská vodárna and the housing estate in Modřany.

Barbora Lišková, a spokesperson for the Technical Road Administration (TSK), announced this to the Czech News Agency (CTK) today. The administration wanted to expand the access due to the planned repair of the Barrandov Bridge, which will begin in mid-May and last until the end of summer.

“After considering the current traffic situation in this location, which is very complex concerning the reconstruction of the tram track to Modřany and the traffic restrictions on Modřanská Street, we have decided to postpone the work. The work should be carried out to the same extent in September and October after the traffic restrictions during the reconstruction of the Barrandov Bridge have ended,” said Lišková.

According to the road authorities’ plan, the new lane will occupy the current green space, be 40 meters long, and be four meters wide. The road surface in the turning lane will be restored, and the workers will also move the sewage inlets to a new curb.

The right slow lane towards the city center, from Pikovická Street to the turning road of the Jižní Spojka, was supposed to be closed for the duration of the construction. The right lane on Modřanská Street, about 50 meters long, was also supposed to be completed before the intersection with Pikovická Street. During peak hours, drivers were expected to face delays of up to 30 minutes.

The reconstruction of the Barrandov Bridge began last year in its southern part. The work is spread over several years and is scheduled for only part of the year. The total cost of the project is estimated at 594.5 million Czech crowns. The bridge, built in 1983 and consisting of the northern and southern parts, has never been repaired. The bridge is part of the city’s ring road, and over 140,000 cars pass through it daily, making it the busiest street in Prague.