Explore Historical Landmarks with a Travel Journal App

The Association of Historical Sites of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia recently launched a mobile application called “Traveler’s Photo Diary” to attract tourists to historical landmarks. While tourist activity is slowly returning to Czech cities after the pandemic, there are still fewer visitors than before. The association devised a solution to encourage more tourists to visit these sites.

The “Traveler’s Photo Diary” is a simple mobile application that allows tourists to record photos of historical landmarks they have visited. The application allows users to create a travel diary consisting of their images. It also offers a map that uses different colors to differentiate between the historical sites the tourist has already visited and those they have yet to see. Additionally, the map indicates places with high visitor rates and those that other tourists highly rate.

The application encourages users to add one of their photos to each site they visit nationwide. The app currently features descriptions of several dozen exciting tourist sites and locations in Prague alone. Users can browse various captivating photos that other visitors have already created.

The “Traveler’s Photo Diary” also serves as a competition for the most active traveler, which runs until the end of August this year. Once the user selects a location in the app, they will receive a notification when they are within 100 meters of the site, prompting them to take a photo of the landmark or attraction. Users can then create an unlimited photo gallery of their favorite landmarks and choose one image to indicate their visit, which other application users can also view.

The competition winners will be announced in September and will receive financial rewards, material gifts, and the opportunity to stay in a Czech destination of their choice. By introducing this innovative app, the Association of Historical Sites of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia hopes to attract more tourists to visit these historical landmarks, revitalize tourism, and increase cultural awareness.