Extreme Heatwave Strikes: Meteorologists Predict Up to 27°C

As we approach the weekend, weather forecasts predict a considerable increase in temperature. According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), Sunday could see temperatures soaring up to an astounding 27°C, a figure that meteorologists call a “complete extreme” for early April.

While warm weather is typically a welcome change, the temperatures expected over the weekend are particularly noteworthy. Predicted to hover around 25°C, they may reach up to 27°C locally on Sunday. As meteorologists point out, these readings are a staggering 15 to 18°C higher than the average temperatures recorded from 1979 through to 2010.

These significant warming trends are not isolated predictions. They’re echoed across all weather forecast models, anticipating an extremely warm air influx from the southwest. This heatwave is expected to persist into the early part of next week, keeping the temperatures unusually high for the season.

Another element contributing to this extreme weather is the potential presence of Saharan dust in the atmosphere. In recent days, its concentration has exceeded particle dust limits, significantly worsening visibility. This phenomenon was also observed over the past Easter weekend.

Interestingly, this extreme weather is also being documented through the early blossoming of lilacs. This year, meteorologists noted that these plants, which are generally associated with the onset of May, started blooming as early as March 21st in Prague. This trend aligns with the fact that this year’s March was the warmest in our country’s measurements, dating back to 1961.