Five Finalists Compete for the Future Design of Vítězné náměstí

Adéla Houbová

The completion of the fourth Quadrant of Vítězné náměstí in Prague’s Dejvice district is set to bring apartments, offices, essential amenities, and a new cultural center. Five finalists have been selected in an international architectural competition, and the public’s input will help the expert jury choose the winner.

The unfinished area of the fourth Quadrant, designed by architect Antonín Engel over a hundred years ago, is now the focus of the architectural competition organized by the City of Prague. The completion of Vítězné náměstí is seen as a tribute to Engel’s original vision for the square and an opportunity to incorporate modern trends and address the current needs of Dejvice residents.

Out of a total of 44 teams, five finalists have been chosen, and their designs can be viewed on the competition’s website or in an exhibition at Vítězné náměstí until June 30. The expert jury will consider public opinions collected until June 11 as part of their decision-making process.

The competition aims to find the ideal architectural and urbanistic solution for the northwestern part of Dejvice Square. Fourth Quadrant organizes the project involving the Prague 6 district, the Prague City Hall, the Institute of Planning and Development, and the University of Chemistry and Technology (VŠCHT).

The proposed multifunctional complex will include residential units, offices, shops, services, restaurants, and a building dedicated to supporting students from VŠCHT. A new cultural center will also provide space for concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, and community events.

The competition has attracted renowned European architectural firms and top Czech teams, resulting in intriguing and diverse design proposals that respect Engel’s original concept while incorporating contemporary architectural trends. The project aims to create high-quality indoor and outdoor spaces that cater to relaxation, culture, dining, and commerce.

The winning design will be selected by an international jury consisting of architects, urban planners, and landscape architects, as well as representatives from the investor, VŠCHT, Prague 6 district, Prague City Hall, and the Institute of Planning and Development. The decision is expected to be announced in September this year.

In addition to the architectural competition, a new building with a supermarket, currently under construction by Penta Real Estate, is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. The ground floor of the building will be owned by the Prague 6 district and is intended to serve as a sizeable municipal supermarket.

The completion of Vítězné náměstí and the development of the surrounding area aims to create a vibrant and attractive space for both academics and residents, fulfilling the needs of the community and enhancing the overall urban environment.