Five Members of the Czech Olympic Team Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Five members of the Czech Olympic team have already tested positive for coronavirus. The first case was Vlastimil Voráček, a leading Czech orthopedic surgeon who cared for tennis players in Tokyo. He had not been vaccinated against covid, according to media reports, and advised the public to protect themselves from the disease by gargling with mouthwash, for example.

The first Czech who was confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus after the government, unique to Tokyo, was the doctor Vlastimil Voráček. Tennis fans may know him from Fed Cup matches. The renowned Czech-German orthopedic surgeon has been taking care of Czech tennis players, including Karolína Plíšková and Petra Kvitová, at national team events. 

The infected member of the implementation team flew to Japan without vaccination against covid. Although he was entitled to receive the vaccine as a priority as a doctor, he refused it. 

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) has also commented on Voráček’s trip to the Olympics and considers his membership in the team scandalous. “We persuade people to get vaccinated, and the doctor of our delegation will leave unvaccinated. I can’t understand it,” Babiš wondered.

Gargling mouthwash against covid

Voráček previously advised people to protect themselves against the disease in alternative ways. According to the renowned doctor, to limit the spread of the coronavirus, mouthwash was supposed to help. “German scientists have published a study confirming that gargling can significantly affect the transmission of coronavirus, ” he said.