Frost Begins to Make Its Presence Known

November is traditionally associated with a temperature drop, and this year is no different. According to the long-term forecast from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ), nightly temperatures will repeatedly dip towards zero.

The beginning of the period will still be warmer than average, with local maximum temperatures occasionally climbing to 15°C. As we head towards the weekend, a gradual cooling will occur, bringing minimum temperatures to the freezing point and maximum temperatures hovering around 6°C. This is similar to what is predicted for the end of the month.

Subsequently, the weeks will alternate between average and slightly above-average temperatures. The ČHMÚ suggests a significant and prolonged cooling against the middle seems unlikely.

Towards the last decade of November, temperatures during some nights can briefly fall below 0°C, with maximum temperatures most likely between 3 and 7°C.

As for precipitation, it could be more abundant towards the turn of November and December. However, meteorologists suggest that there should still be fewer showers than there were in the past week.

The monthly outlook expresses the overall character of the weather and does not capture all possible fluctuations, warns the ČHMÚ. The success rate of the view is around 75% for temperatures and about 65% for precipitation. The forecast for the third and fourth weeks often approaches long-term climatic values for the respective periods.