Frugal Era in Cooking: Chefs Swap Meat for Lentil-Stuffed Cutlets

Petr Moulis, a chef, drew our editorial office’s attention to an interesting gastronomic trend. As he says, it is a combination of healthy eating and savings. The recipe is simple. “Upgrade” classic cutlets with lentils.

Legumes are necessary, and cost-wise, they are incomparable items. He demonstrated his skills in several children’s homes nationwide, where they were delighted with this cuisine.

Students no longer go to fast food outlets

They return to eating in schools. “It used to be that some children didn’t go to our canteen for lunch, even though they had paid for it. There are so many places to eat in the city center that they prefer KFC or McDonald’s.

That’s history now. We have felt the change very significantly,” said Blanka Ježková, the director of the school canteen in Štefánikova Street in Prague 5, to the editorial office.

She was not alone. Several other canteens in Prague 4 and 8 expressed similar views. But in addition to money, many chefs also deal with health. Lentil cutlets can be an exciting addition and a valuable supplement to the menu. Legumes are not usually the most popular food.

It tastes excellent

“Garlic, carrots, onions, blended lentils, eggs, flour, and breadcrumbs. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. That’s how it’s been done since immemorial; it’s certainly not my recipe. I just started doing it and went to a few acquaintances because my mother cooks in a children’s home. It caught on, so I sometimes go there and cook. The kids like it, which is the highest praise,” says Petr Moulis.

Sometimes, he inserts the cutlets into a bun and serves them as a special hamburger. “The kids don’t notice anything; it tastes good. We make natural syrup for no carbonated and sweet drinks, and it’s done,” he concludes.

He was said to have prepared similar recipes for several outdoor schools. “Do you know how much mountains cost?” he remarked.

Let’s recall that in mid-February, the editorial office presented a view of the menus of several restaurants in Pec Pod Sněžkou.

Soup for 125 crowns, potato dumplings for 285 crowns, and sirloin for 299 crowns. Separate fries for 145 and Bolognese spaghetti for 295 crowns. A pancake or a glass costs 145 crowns. A homemade hamburger costs 365 crowns…

“So you see, it’s expensive. Yet, you can cook well and inexpensively. Vegetable cutlets with chickpeas, risotto with red beets, or cheese muffins. There is a lot that can be prepared,” concludes the chef. “Enthusiast. Chef-enthusiast,” he supposedly wants us to write.

This food is essential for optimal development and metabolism.