Fuel Prices Surge in the Czech Republic

Fuel prices in the Czech Republic have risen in recent weeks due to a significant increase in global fuel prices. Both diesel and gasoline prices have increased, with some gas stations raising the price of Natural 95 by almost three Czech crowns per liter. This price increase is due to a sharp rise in fuel prices on the stock market since the beginning of the summer holidays.

According to data from the company CCS, the average price of gasoline in the Czech Republic on Tuesday rose to 38.07 CZK per liter, an increase of 18 halers from the previous day. The rise in gasoline prices is not as sharp as that of diesel, which has risen on average by 71 halers. However, there has been a steady trend of rising prices in recent weeks.

Some gas stations, such as Tank ONO, known for its low-margin policy, raised gasoline prices by a full crown on Tuesday afternoon. The same company raised diesel prices by two crowns after the fuel tax increase.

Experts say that the primary reason for the price increase is the situation in the global fuel market, where prices have risen since the beginning of the summer holidays. Diesel and gasoline prices on the Rotterdam stock market have grown significantly recently, with diesel prices increasing by almost 27% and gasoline prices by 17% in July alone.

Although some traders may have taken advantage of the fuel tax increase on diesel to raise margins on gasoline as well, analysts believe that the situation in the fuel market justifies the high price increases on gas stations.

The rise in fuel prices is not expected to stop anytime soon, as there may be further increases in the coming weeks due to the gradual price adjustment to the retail market. However, experts predict that there will be a correction in the global fuel market, which should help stabilize prices.

According to Jiří Tyleček, an XTB analyst, the average gasoline price in mid-August could be around 39 CZK per liter, while diesel could approach 36 CZK per liter. It should be noted that the forecast is subject to change depending on the situation in the fuel market.

For Czech drivers, this means that they will have to pay even more at the pump in the coming weeks. However, it remains to be seen how much the prices will increase and how long the trend will continue.