Gas Consumption in the Czech Republic Continues to Decline

The Czech Republic has seen a decrease in gas consumption during the first half of this year. According to Minister of Industry and Trade Josef Síkela, the country consumed 3749 million cubic meters of gas, 544 million cubic meters less than last year. The decrease can be partly attributed to the lower average temperature this year, 0.3 degrees Celsius lower than last year.

The Czech Republic currently consumes gas from Norway and liquefies natural gas terminals on the coast. The country does not receive any gas from Russia via Slovakia.

Minister Síkela has praised that the country’s gas storage facilities are currently at record levels and that the pace of creating new reserves is similar to previous years. The current gas reserves in the Czech Republic stand at 2910.2 million cubic meters, significantly higher than the last two years.

Last year, the country’s gas consumption was the lowest in eight years. Czechs consumed 7.544 billion cubic meters of gas, 20% less than the previous year.

Decreased gas consumption is good for the environment as it reduces the country’s carbon footprint. It also saves money for consumers and businesses, as lower demand translates to lower prices.

The Czech Republic has been making strides in transitioning to renewable energy sources, with wind and solar power becoming increasingly popular. The decrease in gas consumption is a step in the right direction toward achieving the country’s renewable energy goals.