Government Approves Regulation of Kratom and CBD, Restricted to Adults Only and Without Advertising

The government has agreed to establish a category for psychomodulatory substances, enabling the regulation of the sale of substances like kratom and CBD. Minister of Local Development Ivan Bartoš (Pirates) announced this during a press conference on Wednesday. These substances will only be available for adults, and advertising will also be prohibited.

“Psychomodulatory substances such as CBD or kratom, available online or in vending machines, are not currently regulated. Even children can acquire them. We promised to establish rules to protect consumers,” Bartoš stated on Wednesday.

A list will be created on which these substances will be classified, and their sale will then be regulated.

“It will be structured so only those over 18 can purchase them. Companies will need to be registered under specific conditions. They will also have to provide recommended dosages, and advertising will not be allowed,” the minister explained.

Kratom will be purchasable online.

According to Jindřich Vobořil, the national anti-drug coordinator from the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), the list is empty. Only after the amendment is approved will the government be able to add substances like kratom, CBD, or even HHC.

“Every day, we discover several new substances. Studies are conducted for each of them to determine the next steps. Now we will have more options for handling them. Either not addressing them, banning them, or now we have a new option – something in between,” Vobořil explained, assuming the government will add dozens of substances to the list.

Passing the law should be straightforward.

Vobořil is reportedly not concerned about drug tourism. “Currently, kratom, for instance, is in a gray zone throughout Europe, and we are introducing strict regulation. We expect other countries to follow suit,” he clarified.

The proposal will now head to the Chamber of Deputies. Vobořil expects the parliamentarians to quickly approve it, as both the government and the opposition support the regulation. The law could come into effect next year.

Substances like kratom can have medicinal effects in small quantities but act as depressants in large doses. They are sold as oils, tinctures, tablets, or powders.

The Ministry of Health previously proposed adding them to the list of prohibited substances due to their availability to children. However, the government did not approve this in July.