Groundbreaking of New D 35 Highway Section Begins in Královéhradecku

Construction of the first D 35 highway section in the Královéhradecku region between Hořice and Sadová officially began recently, marking a significant milestone in the region’s infrastructure development. The builders aim to complete the 10.5-kilometer highway within two years. Upon completion, the new corridor will partially replace the neighboring congested road, which currently experiences daily traffic of over 13,000 vehicles.

“We are launching five years of intensive construction of the highway connection between Hradec Králové and Jičín,” stated Transport Minister Martin Kupka. The construction project includes 14 bridges, one grade-separated junction, and five kilometers of noise barriers due to the proximity of residential buildings.

The Road and Motorway Directorate (RSD) expects that the four-lane road will subsequently connect to the highway corridor to the suburb of Plotiště and sections of the D 35 in the Pardubice and Olomouc regions. The construction project is expected to progress at a very high pace, with the prospect of a faster commissioning of the highway, which should be available to drivers within two years.

The construction was preceded by extensive archaeological research, as it passes through the sites of the Prussian-Austrian war battles of 1866, especially its decisive battle at Hradec Králové.

Upon completion in 2030, the 260-kilometer D 35 highway, the second-longest in the Czech Republic, will connect Liberec, Hradec Králové, and Olomouc, creating an alternative to the 366-kilometer D 1. The new highway is part of a broader plan proposed in 1963, with the first sections west of Olomouc commissioned between 1978 and 1986.