Heightened Border Controls in Germany for Championship

Germany implemented border controls with all countries as the European football championship began. People heading to Germany should anticipate potential delays. Random controls will affect both road and rail traffic. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also warned that Czech citizens who have committed offenses in Germany and have not paid their fines may be detained.

Federal police have been conducting border controls with Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Switzerland for some time now regarding illegal immigration. However, due to the championship, these controls will expand to all neighboring countries. The federal police are expected to tighten these checks.

Controls will be stationary at border crossings and mobile. The ministry highlighted that vehicle inspections may also be part of these checks. “During these controls, citizens of the Czech Republic, who have committed various offenses in the past on the territory of Germany, such as traffic offenses for which they have not paid the appropriate financial punishment, may be detained in some cases,” the ministry stated.

For Czech citizens, a valid ID or passport is sufficient for travel. Domestic electronic documents are not yet accepted. Original identity documents are also needed for fans to enter the stadium.

The championship will last a month—from June 14 to July 14—and will take place in 10 cities. The Czech team will face off against Portugal in Leipzig on June 18, Georgia in Hamburg on June 22, and Turkey in Hamburg on June 26.