Higher Drug Prices Acceptable for European Production: Survey

A new survey conducted by STEM/MARK for the Czech Association of Pharmaceutical Companies has revealed that over 58% of respondents would be willing to pay higher drug prices if production were moved to Europe. The figure rose to over 70% among senior citizens. However, the survey also showed disagreement about who should bear the cost of such a move, with some suggesting it should be the pharmaceutical companies, the EU, or the state.

The survey in late April also showed that almost all respondents had experienced drug shortages. In most cases, the issue was resolved by the pharmacist ordering the drug or by the patient taking an equivalent drug from another manufacturer. The association’s executive director, Filip Vrubel, estimated that the drug was utterly unavailable in only 12% of cases.

The survey also highlighted a lack of understanding among Czech citizens about drug prices and their influencing factors. 92% of respondents did not know how drug prices are determined, and only 14% knew that the government regulates the prices of prescription drugs. Many people mistakenly believe that insurance covers the cost of over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements when insurance companies can only contribute to the cost from prevention funds.

The article also touches on the issue of drug shortages, with 32% of respondents blaming increased demand, 16% blaming pharmaceutical companies, and 14% blaming the state for not ordering enough drugs.