Highway Workers to Remove All Illegal Billboards by Year’s End

Highway workers in the Czech Republic have set an ambitious goal to eliminate all illegal billboards along highways and major roads by the end of the year. There are more than three thousand such billboards, and removal efforts are set to commence during the holidays. Billboards that were illegally erected will be removed, regardless of whether the owners have attempted to do so themselves or have illegally installed additional billboards.

A recent incident has highlighted the urgency of this initiative. In one of the latest road accidents, a motorcyclist died after colliding with an advertising billboard near the road. According to the police, the owner of the illegal billboard often becomes a co-defendant in similar accidents when a driver crashes into it. “If we prove responsibility and the owner of the solid obstacle is found guilty by the court, he faces imprisonment – even unconditional,” said Ondřej Moravčík, a spokesman for the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic.

Despite the clear risks, over three thousand advertisements remain along the roadways, which owners should have removed seven years ago. Some owners even denied ownership of the billboards. The highway workers will now undertake the task for them, having gained greater authority since January. They were merely waiting for confirmation, which would give them certainty.

The Directorate of Roads and Highways (ŘSD) received a list of illegal advertising billboards from building authorities and is planning a literal cleanup for the summer. “We have significantly simpler and more functional legislation at our disposal and a framework contract. This means we will begin to remove illegal advertisements during the summer very intensively,” commented Jan Rýdl, a spokesman for ŘSD.

Removed billboards will be stored by highway workers for several weeks. If their owners do not collect them, they will be destroyed. This decisive action sends a clear message about the commitment to reducing roadside clutter and enhancing safety for all road users.