Historic České Budějovice Train Station Renovation: A Billion-Koruna Transformation

Pavel Orholz

The historic České Budějovice train station recently underwent a renovation that exceeded initial cost estimates. Initially projected to be around 690 million Koruna (without tax), the final price tag climbed to over a billion Koruna. Contractors were taken by surprise with the condition of the building, which led to unforeseen complications and delays.

The refurbished station now ranks among the most visually appealing in the Republic. Retaining its original character, the station’s renovation was supposed to be completed by the end of 2022, according to the original reports by Czech Railways. However, the grand reopening of the entrance hall and passage happened only recently.

The delay was primarily due to the unexpected state of the building’s foundation, a high water table, and the severe degradation of one of the towers after the Second World War. Jiří Svoboda, the director of Czech Railways, explained that such construction complications are possible with renovations of historic buildings.

The renovated building now serves multiple functions. In addition to publicly accessible areas with shops and services, it also houses offices and rooms for transportation employees. The central part of the station is equipped with a new elevator connecting the underpass with the first platform, and additional elevators are located in both the northern and southern towers.