Hot Week Ahead: Tropical Temperatures and Storms Expected

The Czech Republic is preparing for what could be the warmest June week yet. After heavy rain and cold weather, tropical temperatures are on the horizon, with daily temperatures expected to exceed 30 degrees. There could also be storms at the start of the week, particularly in mountainous regions.

Meteorologist Dagmar Honsová explained, “Warm southwest or southern currents will be interrupted by a cold front in the middle of the week and another on Friday. In addition to above-average temperatures, we should expect rain and occasionally strong storms.”

The first working day of the week will see temperatures ranging between 23 and 27 degrees. The weather will be partially sunny to cloudy, with the occasional showers and storms in mountainous regions. The situation will be similar on Tuesday, when temperatures will climb to a tropical 30 degrees, and the perceived temperature will be further increased by air humidity. Daytime temperatures will range between 28 and 32 degrees.

Starting Wednesday, showers, rain, and storms will begin to appear outside of the mountainous regions. They may strike harder in some places, and there will gradually be more clouds. Temperatures will range between 24 and 30 degrees in the eastern parts of the country.

The outlook for Thursday, which marks the beginning of astronomical summer, and Friday is similar. Cloudiness will again increase, with strong storms and rain appearing in places. Temperatures are expected to be between 28 and 32 degrees.

The weekend will bring a cooldown to 21 to 25 degrees. Saturday will be cloudy, but cloudiness will gradually decrease, and the rain will subside. Occasional thunderstorms may reappear on Sunday.