How Czechs are Beating the Heat: From Sprinklers to Lakes

With temperatures soaring and the sun blazing, Czechs are finding creative ways to beat the heat. In the cities, residents seek refreshing delights like cold drinks, ice cream, and shade under the trees. In Prague, for example, dozens of mist fountains and sprinklers are available to anyone needing a quick cool-down.

But it’s not just the cities that are feeling the burn. Visitors to Lhota, a 25-hectare lake in the Středočeský region, enjoy the sandy and grassy beaches and the 7-8 meter deep waters. The lake even has a designated nudist beach. While the recent crowds have set records, the lake’s operators say the season is still off to a good start.

The Prague Waterworks and Sewerage company has installed over 20 mist fountains and 11 water sprays for those who prefer to stay in the city. Anyone who needs These sprays can activate them, providing instant relief from the summer heat. The company has also installed self-service water dispensers at these locations, which allow people to refill their bottles with cold water.

The hydrating mist fountains and sprays aren’t just refreshing, they’re also beneficial for the environment. The fine mist from the fountains helps to reduce the temperature and dust levels in the surrounding area while also increasing local humidity.

For those who prefer to stay dry, several water parks and natural swimming areas are available throughout the country. Visitors to Lhota and other swimming spots can enjoy various activities, from swimming to water sports like beach volleyball and paddleboarding.

While the heat can be oppressive, Czechs are finding ways to enjoy the summer months. Whether through a refreshing mist fountain or a dip in a natural swimming area, there’s no shortage of ways to cool off and relax during the hottest months of the year.