How do you transfer your electricity or gas subscription?

When a family relocates or purchases a new home that better suits their needs, one of the tasks they need to complete is transferring their energy (electricity or gas) subscription from the previous payer to themselves. They must also know the documentation they must provide to the energy supplier.

Navigating the world of energy can be complicated for most people, especially when it comes to transferring an electricity or gas subscription when changing suppliers. Assistance can be found on sites like Enkidoo, which helps secure new suppliers who may be more cost-effective for the customer and facilitates energy transfers. Specialists can explain over the phone or via email what documents the supplier needs to complete the transfer.

According to energy analyst Tomáš Vrňák from, when purchasing an older apartment or house, it is necessary to cooperate with the original energy consumer. If you are selling the property, it is necessary to unregister the energy and transfer it to the new owner to avoid paying for what you are no longer using.

In the event of the original owner’s death or when acquiring property through inheritance, it is again necessary to transfer the energy connection to the new owner so that supplies can continue. The entire transfer process can be administratively demanding, and even real estate offices often struggle with it. One approach is to turn to the supplier where the transfer takes place and take a product indefinitely, from which you can easily opt-out.

When transferring energy to a family living in the apartment, the advantage is that they can choose a supplier with the most advantageous price and thus save money.