How to Save Money When Buying Future Highway Stickers?

The Ministry of Transport has discussed the necessary increase in highway sticker prices for several years. And now they have confirmed the actual amount. Starting from March 1, 2024, drivers should expect to pay an additional 800 CZK for an annual electronic highway sticker, with the price jumping from 1500 CZK to 2300 CZK.

The new prices will also apply to hybrid vehicle owners, albeit at a quarter of the price of 570 CZK. Only electric vehicles will remain completely exempt. The higher prices will be effective from the March 1, 2024, purchase date.

One-Day Sticker for 200 CZK

“Those who purchase a highway sticker on February 29 and set the validity from March 29 will still pay the original price,” advised Minister of Transport Martin Kupka (ODS). The annual sticker will then be valid until spring 2025. Next year is a leap year so February will be one day longer.

It is possible to purchase a sticker with a sliding validity three months in advance. However, starting from the New Year, the advance purchase period will be shortened to one month. According to reports, drivers rarely took advantage of the extended advance purchase period.

“If you purchase a sticker on February 29 with validity starting from March 29, you will still pay the original price,” stated Martin Kupka.

Most motorists purchase the sticker at the beginning of the year, a holdover from the days of paper coupons that were valid for the calendar year. For drivers who only use the highways for occasional trips rather than commuting daily, it may be worthwhile to consider purchasing a monthly sticker for 430 CZK or a ten-day sticker for 270 CZK.

Surprisingly, these short-term stickers will slightly decrease in price compared to the current rates due to regulations set by the European Union, which impose a maximum percentage of their cost relative to the annual sticker. Short-term stickers are more commonly used by foreigners passing through the Czech Republic. Additionally, a new one-day highway sticker will be introduced for 200 CZK.

The Czech Republic is among the strictest countries

You can purchase the sticker through the e-shop at, which is already used by 90% of motorists, or at Czech Post branches or EuroOil petrol stations. With the introduction of the new prices, the e-shop should be linked to the vehicle registry so that the prices corresponding to your vehicle will be displayed upon entering the license plate number.

This improvement will be appreciated by owners of cars running on biomethane or hybrids, as it will prevent them from accidentally purchasing a full-priced sticker. Efforts are currently being made to implement this enhancement.

The Czech Republic has one of the strictest penalties for driving without a highway sticker among EU countries. Offenders can face a fine of up to 5000 CZK; in administrative proceedings, a quadruple amount of 20,000 CZK may be imposed.