Ice Grip Tightens on Czech Republic: Temperatures Plunge to -28.1°C

The Czech Republic woke up to an icy grip on Monday morning, with some of the winter’s coldest temperatures. The coldest spot, Volary, recorded a numbing at 28.1°C.

“We are experiencing the coldest morning of this winter. The coldest at 6:00 am is in the Šumava area, where the temperature in some places has dropped below -20°C; for instance, in Volary, it has even dropped to -26°C,” meteorologists from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) reported.

František Vavruška from the Czech Budejovice branch of the Hydrometeorological Institute later clarified, “In the Šumava area, the temperature almost everywhere dropped to -25°C. In Volary, we measured -28.1°C at a place called Luční Potok.”

Records from 2010 were frequently surpassed during this chilly spell. At the Šumava marsh called Rokytská slať, the mercury dropped to -25.6°C.

Even in Orlické Záhoří in the Rychnov region, temperatures dipped below -20°C.

The meteorologists predict that the cold will linger, although slightly reduced, and they expect Tuesday morning to greet the Czechs with temperatures between -4 and -8°C and even -10°C with a lighter wind. “During the subsequent nights, the minimum temperature will mostly be up to -5 °C, occasionally dropping to -7 °C,” the CHMI stated.

“The highest daily temperatures will hover around zero. The snow that fell over the past weekend will stay or thaw slowly,” they cautioned, advising everyone to bundle up and stay warm during this icy period.