Iconic Jested Hotel and Transmitter Building in Liberec to Change Ownership


The Historic Jested Hotel and transmitter building, an iconic symbol of the Liberec region, could soon have a new owner. The Liberec Region has expressed interest in purchasing this renowned edifice. The information emerges from a memorandum the region has agreed upon with the current owner, Czech Radiocommunications.

In a mutual agreement, the company will not negotiate the sale of the transmitter and hotel with anyone else until the end of this year. In other words, the region now has about half a year to negotiate the purchase of the building with Czech Radiocommunications. The current owner might negotiate the sale with other interested parties if unsuccessful.

“We are not in a situation where we want to sell Jested actively or have to sell it, but we were approached by the Liberec Region if we would be interested in entering into sales negotiations. And for several reasons, it seems logical,” said Milos Mastnik, General Director of Czech Radiocommunications.

The Governor of the Liberec Region, Martin Puta, revealed the region’s interest in buying the Jested due to its future and costly reconstruction. “We are not negotiating the purchase of the transmitter with the radiocommunications for the first time. It is an issue that returns in such time cycles,” the governor said.

In the last few months, they discussed how to proceed in preparing project documentation for the reconstruction of Jested. During these negotiations, they mutually tapped into the options of what they would do once the project documentation was ready. It is evident that if someone has a greater chance of securing co-financing from European money, from the modernization fund, and from the state budget, it is evidently a public entity, in this case, the Liberec Region.