Illuminated Cars, Gramophone, and Hockey Players: The Second Multimedia Park at Džbán Swimming Pool


The area around the Džbán swimming pool in Prague 6 won’t be dark and empty this autumn and winter. Lumina Park has emerged for the second year with dozens of light installations and interactive elements. The gates of the illuminated park opened to the public on Friday, October 20.

“Lumina Park: An Audiovisual Spectacle”

“Lumina Park is an audiovisual light attraction designed for young and adult audiences,” explains park manager Matyáš Jirka. Visitors first saw it a year ago, and the artistic installations have entirely changed this time.

“Last year’s theme was Alice in Wonderland, and this year’s theme is Mysterious Gardens. We decided to approach the park in a way that allows people to get involved in each installation as much as possible and to have the opportunity to control them partially. That’s why many elements are interactive,” adds Jirka.

Four Gardens to Explore

The area is divided into four zones. The first part is full of games. Those who pass through the initial tunnel and navigate through the maze can play light bowling, ice hockey, connect four, or participate in a car race in the first garden.

The walk continues past a variety of musical instruments and even entire bands that visitors have the opportunity to bring to life. A giant gramophone with a moving record is one of the most enormous light sculptures.

Next, the path leads to depictions of famous works of art, from Salvador Dalí to Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet. The end of the route is spooky, where visitors encounter ghosts, monsters, or the White Lady. The course has approximately 160 elements and takes about an hour to walk through.

“The installations consist of LED strips and LEDs, making it the most energy-efficient light source to provide a full range of colors. As for the total number of lights, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to count, but it’s in the millions,” says Jirka.

According to Jirka, the attractions near the Džbán swimming pool are for children and adults. The park is wheelchair-accessible, making it suitable for wheelchair users or parents