Increased Funding for Children’s Ski Courses

The Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna (General Health Insurance Company, VZP) in the Czech Republic is set to increase its contribution to parents for their children’s ski training next year. The contribution will rise to two thousand crowns, doubling the amount previously earmarked for children’s physical activities.

The increased funding aims to encourage more children to participate in skiing lessons and ease parents’ financial burden. However, parents must prove that their child has participated in the ski training to receive the contribution.

The confirmation of participation will be provided by a form titled “Confirmation of the Child’s Participation in the Organized Ski Course.” The insurance company will not require or accept any other documents. This form will be available for download from the health insurance company’s website starting in January.

Clients can print the form and have it confirmed by the school after the child returns from ski training. They then submit it along with the application for a contribution to VZP. Unlike other donations, the application does not need to attach proof of payment.

The form confirming participation in the ski course must not be more than three months old from its issue date when applying for a contribution. Applications can be submitted online via the My VZP application, in person at the counter or any branch office, by putting it in a collection box or mailbox of the branch, or by mail to the VZP CR address.

The Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna is not the only one contributing to children’s skiing courses. For example, the Ministry of Health Insurance contributed 1500 crowns this year, while Czech Industrial Health Insurance contributed a hundred.