Increasing Toll Prices: A Shift in Czech’s Highway System

Drivers in the Czech Republic only have a month left to purchase cheaper highway toll stickers, with changes to the pricing structure coming into effect from March 1, 2024. While most of the government’s consolidation package changes took effect at the start of the New Year, highway tolls are set to increase only from March. Drivers will pay less for 30-day and 10-day toll stickers but must shell out significantly more for the annual ones. The current price is valid only until the end of February, after which the option to purchase a one-day sticker will be introduced.

From March 1, a 30-day highway toll sticker will be ten crowns cheaper than before, costing drivers 430 Kč. The discount for the 10-day sticker is even more significant, 40 Kč, bringing the new price to 270 Kč. The latest addition is the one-day sticker, priced at 200 Kč and valid until midnight on the day of purchase.

However, the marginal reduction in the price of short-term toll stickers is overshadowed by the increase in the cost of the annual highway toll sticker, which can currently be purchased for 1500 Kč. This price will be available only until February 29, after which a new price of 2300 Kč, an increase of 800 Kč, will apply.

The government justifies this step by pointing out that the toll price hasn’t changed for 12 years. During this period, the real value of fees has fallen due to inflation, and the highway network has also expanded. Currently, it spans 1365 kilometers, and there are plans to add another 118 kilometers this year.

With the new price, there’s also a change in advance purchase. Last year, drivers could buy a toll sticker up to three months before the start of its validity, but this year, this period has been reduced to a month. It’s worth noting that electric vehicle drivers are still exempted from paying highway tolls. Plug-in hybrid vehicle owners with CO2 emissions below 50 g/km will pay 25 percent of the base price, and those who drive on natural gas or biomethane will pay 50 percent.

All changes valid from March 1, 2024, can be found on the website