Installation of a Footbridge in Prague Leads to Closure of Busy Chlumecká Street

Praha 14

In a significant development for Prague, drivers are advised to anticipate the closure of the busy Chlumecká Street in Prague 14 by the end of the week. This major artery, catering to both inbound and outbound transits, is being shut due to the absence of a Municipal and Prague ring road.

The closure, scheduled from midnight of November 16 to November 19, is due to the assembly of a part of a footbridge to the new railway stop Rajská Zahrada, in the vicinity of a metro station by the same name. Trains will start stopping at the platform on the track between Vysočany and Mstětice from December 10. “It is unfortunately impossible to install the last part of the footbridge without completely closing Chlumecká Street,” stated Deputy Mayor of Prague 14 Soňa Tománková.

Two out of three parts of the footbridge have been in place since summer. The first section, connecting the railway stop and Borská Street on the Hutě, which is located across Chlumecká, and the second part between both platforms, will be accessible from December 9, along with the commissioning of the new train stop Rajská zahrada.

“The part of the footbridge leading to the metro will be opened next year. Until then, it will be necessary to use the existing underpass under Chlumecká for the journey from the housing estate and metro,” said Filip Drápal, spokesman for Ropid, which organizes public transport in Prague and its surroundings.

The footbridge assembly has already led to the closure of the left lanes in both directions on Chlumecká. The same restrictions await drivers from November 20 to December 11. As the city gears up for winter, it’s important to note that the necessary work cannot be carried out due to climatic conditions. Therefore, the completion of the bridging has been postponed to a more suitable period.