Italian Food in Prague? You Probably Won’t Taste It with an Average Salary

Italian food is known for its quality, authenticity, and rich flavors. The Italians.. wine food is the perfect store for Italian cuisine lovers. They offer a vast array of high-quality cheeses, salamis, wines, and pasta from smaller suppliers in sunny Italy. However, how much does this luxury cost? The Italian…wine food stores have three locations in Prague. The largest one is in Smíchov, while the other two are in Průhonice and Dejvice.

The store’s website claims to offer authentic, regional Italian products emphasizing domestic origin and authenticity. It’s no surprise that such quality comes with a price tag. The article investigates the prices customers can expect to pay during their visit.

The most popular section in the store is the large counter with fresh cheeses and salamis. The vast selection almost takes your breath away, and everything looks delicious. Cheese prices ranged from 70 to 150 CZK per 100 grams. For instance, the Piramidino cheese made from cow’s milk and aged for 30 days in a pyramid shape cost 74 CZK. On the other hand, goat’s milk cheeses were more expensive. One example is the soft Caprino Nobile cheese, which costs 150 CZK. They also had fresh Pecorino cheese with truffles, which we would pay 125 CZK for.

The cheapest item in the salami and ham section was a 75 CZK salami. It was the sizeable Tuscan salami. The mortadella with truffles cost 96 CZK. As for the renowned dry-cured ham, it’s necessary to pay a little extra. However, the store had several options available. The classic Prosciutto Crudo costs 98 CZK, and the delicacy of 24 months of matured Prosciutto di Parma costs 157 CZK.

Additionally, the store offers packaged salamis, cheeses, and hams. The Bio Guancale sliced salami, packed in 100-gram portions, cost 119 CZK. A 100-gram package of sliced Prosciutto costs 129 CZK. One could purchase a 240-gram pack of typical buffalo mozzarella for 199 CZK.

The prices of Italians.. wine food might seem too steep for those on average salaries. However, the store offers an extensive selection worth every penny for those looking for high-quality, authentic Italian products.