Last Chance: Five Thousand Crowns for Children

Families who have not yet applied for the one-time contribution of 5,000 crowns per child, which the state began paying out last year due to rising prices, have only three weeks left to do so. The application must be submitted by the end of June.

According to current legislation, it is possible to apply for a one-time contribution for a child until July 1. The date of application is essential for evaluating eligibility,” warned Kateřina Beránková, spokesperson for the Labor Office.

If it is necessary to supplement or modify the application even after the deadline, the payout will still be made as the application date will be followed. However, people will have to wait a month after the benefit is granted to receive it.

“We paid out almost 890,000 one-time contributions for children to over 1.4 million children by the end of May, with a total value of seven billion crowns,” added Beránková. When preparing the benefit, the government assumed that families with more than 1.56 million children could receive it. Thus, even tens of thousands of families with over 100,000 offspring may still apply for it.

The difference of a second and fifty thousand lifted the parents.

The contribution applies to children born from August 2, 2004, to December 31, last year. This means that they had to be under the age of eighteen on August 2 last year. Households that earned up to one million gross crowns the year before are entitled to it. This is about 83,333 gross crowns per month. The condition is that the child lives in the household. The incomes of the parents or partners who care for the child are added together, not, for example, those of grandparents or older offspring who live with them in the same household.

Parents, adoptive parents, and foster parents can apply. In the case of shared custody, the parents must agree on who will use for the benefit.

Online or by post

“The application for the benefit can be submitted online using the application available at or in person. Personal submission is possible at Czech Point sites, located at regional offices of the Labor Office, municipal or city offices, and post offices marked with the Czech Point logo,” said Beránková.

According to her, Czech Point employees enter the application directly into the system, so there is no need to fill out any forms. To apply online, it is necessary to have one of the forms of the electronic identity of a citizen accessible. This includes, for example, the mobile key of eGovernment, which is issued at Czech Point, or a data box.

It is also possible to use the so-called bank identity, i.e., access data to electronic banking. The state will find out information such as income on its own. It is only necessary to confirm the sworn declaration of their amount. However, the applicant must enter contact details such as phone or email, place of residence, if different from permanent, information about the children for whom the benefit is requested, and information about the partner if they live in the same household.

The government approved the one-time contribution of 5,000 crowns for children in response to rising energy, food, and service prices. However, it has been criticized, not only by the opposition, for being a flat and non-systemic measure.