Last-Minute Shopping: A Quarter of Czech Households Buy Gifts Just Before Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, a new survey unveils some intriguing shopping habits. A quarter of Czech households tend to buy gifts for their loved ones just before Christmas, whether in sales or regardless of the price.

Most Czechs, about 44 percent, purchase Christmas presents one to three months in advance, waiting for the best price offers. Another 15 percent of families also buy gifts well ahead of time but do not mainly focus on the price.

Interestingly, early Christmas shopping with an eye on low prices is mainly done by women, with 51 percent completing their purchases up to three months in advance. Only 37 percent of men approach gift shopping with the same level of responsibility.

On the other hand, men more often buy gifts regardless of the price, whether one to three months in advance or last-minute shopping. A similar proportion of men and women also shop for gifts just before Christmas, but strictly in sales. This mode of shopping is mainly adopted by people aged 35 to 44.

“According to our survey, nine percent of Czechs do not give Christmas gifts within the family and appreciate spending time together more. Almost every twentieth respondent states they do not have the finances for Christmas shopping. In both cases, it is mostly men rather than women, and mostly of higher age. Approximately two percent of Czechs give their loved ones handmade gifts,” says Jaroslava Palendalová, CEO of KRUK.