Letiště Ostrava Ends Long Streak of Losses with Historic Profits

After years of operating losses, the Letiště Ostrava (Ostrava Airport) in the Czech Republic finally ended its streak with a profit of CZK 4.99 million in 2022. This significantly improved from the CZK 32.6 million loss the airport experienced in the previous year. The company’s revenues also increased by 26.8%, or CZK 70.2 million, to CZK 332.4 million, according to the airport’s annual report.

The airport’s general manager, Jaromír Radkovský, attributed the positive results to a good summer season when more passengers traveled through the airport than expected. The company also actively negotiated with travel agencies, increasing passenger numbers. In 2022 the airport served 286,393 passengers, 108% more than the previous year. However, compared to pre-pandemic 2019, there were 11% fewer passengers.

Most passengers were holidaymakers who used organized trips from Ostrava to 16 destinations. For example, flights to Egypt operated without interruption from February to November. The most popular destinations were Antalya in Turkey, Burgas in Bulgaria, and Marsa Alam and Hurghada in Egypt. Smartwings was the most significant carrier. The charter season started earlier than in previous years, and the range of destinations expanded compared to 2021.

In addition to passenger traffic, the airport also saw significant growth in cargo traffic. In 2022, 15,490 tons of cargo were handled, a drop of 15% from the previous year. The decline in cargo traffic was due to global factors such as Covid restrictions in China and the war conflict in Ukraine. However, the volume of handled cargo has almost tripled in the last five years, thanks to strong logistics players such as DHL and UPS regularly flying to Ostrava. The airport also partners with EGT Express, which uses Uzbekistan Airways and Skytaxi aircraft.

About 19% of the airport’s revenue came from non-aviation activities, which reached CZK 42.4 million. Renting buildings, land, and related commissions accounted for the most significant share of these revenues, at 44%. Other airport services included training, entrance permits, equipment rental, and parking fees.

The Letiště Ostrava’s financial results in 2022 indicate a significant improvement after many years of operating losses. The increase in passenger traffic and cargo traffic, as well as the expansion of the charter season, contributed to the airport’s profits. Letiště Ostrava, with its strategic location in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, continues to play an essential role in the country’s aviation industry.