Litoměřice Implements Tough Measures to Collect Outstanding Fines

Litoměřice, a town in the Czech Republic, is taking a tough stance on drivers who have outstanding fines. The city is owed nearly 19 million Czech korun in various fees and penalties, and the local police will now have the power to confiscate license plates or immobilize vehicles of drivers who fail to pay their debts. The new measure will take effect from May 1st, 2023. The move aims to reduce the number of people who are delinquent on their fines.

According to Martina Skoková, a city’s mayor’s office representative, the town has 2,026 outstanding debts for 18.85 million Czech korun. The police will stop vehicles suspected of committing traffic violations and collect fines on the spot if the vehicle’s owner is on the list of delinquents. If the driver fails to pay the fine at the time of the stop, they will have several options for payment, including cash or card payment at the city hall’s main cashier or the transport department’s cashier. They can also pay the fine at the municipal police station, where payment will be immediately confirmed, and they can retrieve their license plate.

In addition to paying in person, drivers can pay their fines by bank transfer or through the citizen’s portal using a QR code or payment gateway. The new law was introduced in the Czech Republic in 2022 and allows state police officers and customs officers to seize license plates or immobilize drivers’ vehicles with outstanding fines. During the first 12 months of the law, authorities collected nearly 16 million Czech korun in penalties, with over six million being from previously issued traffic violation fines.

Litoměřice’s decision to seize license plates or immobilize vehicles is a strong move that could lead to more drivers paying their debts. Implementing the law is also expected to send a message to those currently delinquent on their payments that the city is serious about collecting the money owed to it. However, some drivers may feel the new law is too harsh, especially when experiencing financial difficulties. It remains to be seen how successful the new measure will be in reducing the number of drivers who are delinquent on their fines.