Love Wins: Liberec councilors join the campaign for marriage equality

Liberec councilors will symbolically marry same-sex couples on Saturday. The event is organized by the local branch of Amnesty International and aims to draw attention to the fact that same-sex couples still do not have equal rights in the Czech Republic. The symbolic ceremony will take place at 11:00 at E. Beneš Square.

“We want to show that love is love and that everyone has the right to be happy with their partner regardless of their gender or sexual orientation,” said Petr Křížek, one of the organizers.

The event is part of a campaign called “Love Wins,” which supports the adoption of a law on marriage equality for same-sex couples in the Czech Republic. The bill was submitted to parliament in 2018 but has not yet been discussed.

According to a survey by Median agency from 2020, 67 percent of Czechs support marriage equality for same-sex couples. However, some politicians and religious groups oppose it.

The symbolic ceremony will be attended by several Liberec councilors who support marriage equality, such as Mayor Jaroslav Zámečník (ANO), Deputy Mayor Martin Kříž (Piráti) or Councillor Jan Korytář (Zelení).

“We want to express our solidarity with people discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We believe that everyone should have the same rights and opportunities in our society,” said Zámečník.

The event will also feature speeches by representatives of Amnesty International, Prague Pride, and other organizations that advocate for human rights and LGBT+ rights.