Major Changes in Prague Tram Lines

Significant changes are coming to Prague’s tram network. The repair of the tram track in the area of Masaryk Station in Prague will end ten days ahead of schedule. The transport company, therefore, decided to start another reconstruction that will affect tram operations in the metropolis. Trams will not run between Charles Square and Lazarska.

The track repair in Dlážděná and Havlíčkova Street near Masaryk Station was initially expected to end after two months, on June 29th. However, thanks to accelerated work, trams in front of the station will return on Wednesday, June 19th. From the same date, the transport company will start repairing the track at a critical node in Lazarska due to an emergency condition.

Until June 29th, trams will not run between Lazarska and Charles Square stops. Operations will also be interrupted in Myslíkova. Most lines will be led along the dam. Passengers must count on the fact that lines 3, 18, 22, and 23 will run outside their usual routes in the area. Lines 21 and 24 will be canceled; however, lines 32 and 33 will be introduced.

A scheme of tram lines around the Lazarska – Spalena intersection reveals that even after the repair in Lazarska, some lines will run outside the usual routes, which is related to the ongoing repair of the Liben Bridge.

Passengers can find more detailed information on the outage on the Prague Integrated Transport page. Stay tuned for more updates and plan your travels to avoid disruption.