Major Metro Maintenance: Replacing Tracks on Line C

At the start of the holidays, Prague’s transport company is taking advantage of the quieter period to embark on another phase of replacing the wooden sleepers with concrete ones on track C. This time, the work will occur between the Budějovická and Kačerov stations. In addition, the Pankrác station will have a turnout inserted into the second track to create a future connection between tracks C and D. These works will disrupt the service in the Pražského povstání–Háje section from June 29 to July 3.

During the shutdown period, passengers will be transported by two replacement bus services: the XC, which will follow the C route, and the express line number 800, which will directly connect Jižní Město with the Pražského povstání and Vyšehrad stations. The metro service in the Pražského povstání–Háje section will resume on the morning of July 4.

The original wooden sleepers in the oldest section of the Prague metro on track C will this time be replaced on the 1st track directly at the Budějovická station and on the 1st track in the Budějovická–Kačerov section. The transport company will replace 271 original sleepers that have been in use since the service began in May 1974.

During the day, replacement bus services will be introduced. The XC line will run in the Pražského povstání–Pankrác–Budějovická–Brumlovka (only in the Háje direction)–Kačerov (only in the Háje direction)–Roztyly–Dědinova–Chodov–Jarníkova–Opatov–Mikulova–Háje route.

The 800 line will then run in the Vyšehrad–Pražského povstání (only in the Jižní Město direction)–Na Veselí (only in the Vyšehrad direction)–Chodovec–Chodovská tvrz–Litochlebské náměstí–Bachova–Mikulova–Hněvkovského–Modrá škola–Háje–Horčičkova–Jižní Město route. Only articulated buses will be deployed on both lines.