Masaryk Circuit Under New Ownership

The Masaryk Circuit in Brno has been sold to a new owner. Shakai, a company owned by entrepreneur and investor Karel Hubáček, has acquired the entire area, including the race track, polygon, and the Grid hotel. The new owner plans to maintain the current activities in the area and continue its development.

The acquisition was made by A.B.R. Holding and Karel Abraham, who had owned the area since 2005. The transaction amount was not disclosed. Hubáček is optimistic that his takeover will give a new impetus to the development of the Brno automotodrom. He assures that existing scheduled activities and leases will remain valid.

The Masaryk Circuit is still used by motorsports enthusiasts, even though the World Motorcycle Championship no longer races there. Hubáček aims to develop activities in the polygon, strengthen corporate events, and create opportunities for the public.

Hubáček is no stranger to strategic investments. He owns the former Vítkovice Heavy Machinery race track in Ostrava and, in collaboration with Accolade, focuses on investment opportunities in industrial parks and areas. He also has a long-term partnership with Creditas, owned by his cousin, billionaire Pavel Hubáček.

The acquisition of the Masaryk Circuit by Hubáček is the result of a several months-long process. The new owner now controls the entire area, including the companies that operate within it.

“I’m glad that Karel Hubáček has a connection to motorsports and recognizes the value of what the Masaryk Circuit represents. Not only as a property but also as a symbol of Brno and the motorsports history of the Czech Republic,” stated the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, Ivana Ulmanová.

With Hubáček’s entry, a substantial investor has come into the area with a vision of how to develop it. “Since 2016, we have focused on developing additional activities in the area, such as the hotel or polygon. They now represent a significant part of his life. I believe that the direction set will further develop the circuit and continue to be one of Central Europe’s most prestigious race tracks,” said the previous owner, Abraham.

Construction workers have started expanding the risky section of the D1 highway near Brno

In other news, construction workers have begun expanding the risky section of the D1 highway near Brno. The construction project aims to improve the safety of the road, which has been the site of many accidents in the past.

The project is expected to be completed in 2023 and will include the construction of a new tunnel and expanding the highway to three lanes in both directions. This will improve traffic flow and reduce the number of accidents on the road.

The project has been long-awaited by drivers affected by the frequent traffic jams and accidents on the highway. The highway’s expansion will also positively impact the economy by improving the transportation of goods and services between Brno and other regions.

The construction project is being carried out by a consortium of companies led by Metrostav and Hochtief. The project’s total cost is estimated to be over 14 billion CZK.