Meteorologists Warn of Intense Cold in the Czech Republic

Meteorologists in the Czech Republic have updated warnings again due to intense cold. They predict that Tuesday night will be freezing across the entire country. Temperatures are expected to drop below -12°C, but in the northeast, temperatures could even fall below -18°C.

According to meteorologists, the probability of intense cold on Tuesday night is lower in the western parts of the country. Warnings for these areas were canceled on Monday, only to be reinstated shortly after.

On Tuesday night, temperatures at some stations fell below -20°C. The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) measured the lowest temperature at the Osoblaha station (-20.8°C). Zlaté Hory reported -20.3°C and Nové Heřminovy and Kvilda-Perla both reported -20.2°C.

Thursday night is also expected to be very cold, with temperatures falling below -12 °C in some places. The warning will, therefore, only apply to the Vysočina, South Bohemia, Olomouc, Moravian-Silesian regions, and parts of the Plzeň region.

Warnings remain in place due to manipulations on the reservoirs of the Vltava cascade. Flood alerts are in place in Prague and Český Krumlov, where the Vltava will fluctuate around the third degree of flood activity level until further notice.