Mother Pushes Six-Month-Old Baby into Babybox After Failing to Leave Him at Hospital

In a disturbing incident, a mother attempted to leave her six-month-old baby at a hospital in Brno. Still, when unsuccessful, she pushed him into a baby box outside the hospital. The baby was rescued by hospital staff and is now safe. This is the third baby to be left in a baby box this year and the 249th since the inception of these life-saving boxes 18 years ago.

Upon hearing the mother’s request to leave the child, the receptionist called in a pediatrician, who refused to comply with the unusual request. The doctor explained that the hospital only has a neonatal department and is not equipped to care for older children. He advised the woman to contact the Department of Social and Legal Protection of Children.

The woman then took matters into her own hands and walked out onto the street with the baby. After walking a few dozen meters, she pushed the baby into a baby box outside the hospital. Fortunately, the baby was found and rescued by hospital staff.

This incident highlights the importance of baby boxes, installed in various locations across the Czech Republic, to provide a safe and anonymous way for parents to leave unwanted babies. The baby boxes are equipped with an alarm that alerts hospital staff when a baby is placed inside, and the staff immediately takes care of the baby. These boxes have saved countless lives over the years and are a vital resource for distressed parents who feel they have no other option.