Mushroom weather: Where can you pick baskets full of mushrooms?

Humidity and recent warm weather are perfect combinations for mushroom growth. A new map on the social media pages of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) shows where the most mushrooms could be.

According to their new map, in eastern and southern Moravia, there is a good chance that we will not leave forest empty-handed. But they also recommend going into the woods in other parts of the country, as mushrooms can now grow almost anywhere.

“The map is based on the rainfall that has fallen in the last 30 days,” said meteorologist Martin Adamovský. These indicate saturation of the soil, which is most important for fungal growth. At the moment, a mushroom paradise should be on the border of the South Moravian districts of Brno-Venkov, in the Břeclav region, and around Znojmo.

Most people from the Břeclav region go to the Milovice forest near Mikulov. But so far, they are skeptical about mushroom findings. “It’s been a bad season so far. It’s been dry,” said one of the mushroom pickers. Others showed empty baskets. 

Mushroom pickers have a much better chance these days in forests of the Uherské Hradiště region. If you stumble upon the right forest, the basket fills to the brim in minutes. 

Alena Filípková, chairwoman of the Salaš Mycological Association, added that mushrooms are very sensitive to climate change. “This kind of weather hasn’t happened before, so it’s challenging. However, we still go into the forests and check the situation – whether there are mushrooms or not, ” she added.