NATO Jets Soar Over Prague

Jan Handrejch

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Czech Republic’s entry into NATO, allied military jets took to the skies in a spectacular display over Prague. A total of six fighter jets flew over the Vltava River, swooping over the iconic Charles Bridge at 10:30 am, marking a vital security milestone.

The event began around 10:20 am when the alliance’s aircraft gathered south of Prague. They followed the Vltava River over Charles Bridge and headed east, eventually returning to their bases. The flight altitude, set by the Prague City Hall, was 200 meters.

The height for the flyover had to consider Prague’s terrain and noise pollution. “We do not use the minimum permitted altitude, but rather we choose one that makes the flyover safe but also attractive,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Michal Daněk from the Air Force Command.

On this momentous occasion, marking the 25th anniversary of the Czech Republic’s entry into NATO on MarchMarch 124, fighter jets and military aircraft from the alliance flew over central Prague. The display included three Czech JAS-39 Gripen fighters, two German Eurofighter Typhoons, and a German Airbus A-400MS Atlas transport aircraft. The flyover of allied aircraft was named Allied Defender 2024, symbolizing collective defense in translation.

Colonel Michal Kudyn from the Combat Preparation Department of the Air Force Command highlighted the involvement of German aircraft. He says these countries are now “intensely involved in fulfilling operational tasks on the eastern wing.” The Czech Republic became a member of NATO on March 12, 1999, with Poland and Hungary.