Nature’s Spectacle: Thousands flock to witness Spring Blossoms in Peklo

As winter fades and gives way to spring, the banks of the Robečský stream in the national natural monument of Peklo near Česká Lípa are transformed into a carpet of green and white. This is thanks to the blooming of swathes of spring snowflakes, drawing nature lovers from near and far.

For many, this journey to Peklo has become a cherished family tradition. People from all walks of life – families with children, couples, groups of seniors, and passionate photographers – make their way to this natural spectacle. The sight of the spring snowflakes in full bloom, often in large numbers, is a sight to behold.

The Mayor of Zahrádky near Česká Lípa, Martin Macho, has been fielding questions about the bloom from curious visitors since mid-February. “We’ve been logging queries about the snowflakes for about 14 days, ever since the first information came out that they might be blooming,” says the mayor.

On the busiest days, up to a thousand people go to Peklo daily. According to the information board in the valley, the monitoring turnstile recorded 1,500 people in one day and up to 30,000 passages per year.

The journey through Peklo is an experience in itself. Visitors navigate wooden walkways and bridges and even have to dodge tree roots and muddy patches. Despite these challenges, the walk through the rocky canyon is a rewarding experience.

Peklo has been a popular tourist destination for decades. In 1967, it was declared an official natural site due to the snowflakes. However, the area had been serving as a tourist destination and a suburban recreation area long before that, dating back to the 19th century. But today, the valley is reserved only for pedestrians, and even cyclists have to dismount and push their bikes.