Navigating the Currency Influence on Shopping Abroad: A Spotlight on the Czech Crown

Last summer, purchasing a Škoda car abroad could save you up to a hundred thousand crowns compared to buying it in the Czech Republic. However, the tables have turned, and foreign cars are becoming more expensive. This is also the case with furniture, which was cheaper abroad until now. The cause of this shift is not only the companies’ trade policies but also the crown’s exchange rate, which has significantly weakened against some currencies.

People have already started to limit their food purchases in Poland, but the diminishing differences are even more visible in the case of more expensive goods like cars. Last April, one could get a Polish zloty for five crowns, but now it’s almost one more. Consequently, goods from Poland are almost a fifth more expensive than last year after conversion. The crown has also depreciated against the euro, as it sold under the level of 23.50 last year, according to server, and now the exchange rate is 25.30 CZK.

A look at the cars manufactured by Škoda Auto reveals that the prices of Fabia and Octavia models in the Czech Republic have not changed in their basic versions. Last year, Fabia was 12,000 crowns more expensive in Poland, but now the difference is already 57,000 crowns in favor of Poland.

Despite the crown’s weakening, there are still relatively large differences in the prices of drugstore goods. We compared the prices of selected goods at the dm drugstore, which operates in all compared countries. Buying diapers or baby food in bulk for families with small children can save a lot of money. For example, in Poland, Hipp Bio Combiotik food is ten crowns cheaper per hundred grams. You can also save a crown on each diaper, which can save over two hundred crowns a month. In Poland, the price of a liter of Listerine mouthwash is almost half compared to the Czech Republic.

In conclusion, when planning your shopping trips abroad, it’s important to consider the current state of your home country’s currency. The weakening of the Czech crown has made certain goods more expensive abroad, but some items, like drugstore goods, remain cheaper. It pays to do your research before you go.