New Amnesty Program in Czech Republic Allows Debt Relief for Individuals and Companies

The Czech government has launched a new amnesty program to help individuals and companies eliminate debts. The “New Amnesty Summer” program will run until the end of November. Under the program, people can get rid of their debts with the Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA), the financial or customs administration, but only if the debts were created before the end of September last year.

The amnesty program applies not only to individuals but also to companies. After paying the outstanding insurance premiums, companies can have their penalties and execution costs waived. The CSSA website offers more information on the program and the amount of outstanding debt.

Debtors must notify the respective district social security administration to participate in the program. They can inform the relevant district social security administration if they cannot log in to the ePortal.

Debtors can pay the debt in one lump sum by the end of November or in installments, but only if it exceeds 5,000 CZK. More detailed information is available on the CSSA website.

The financial administration also offers a similar program for tax debts. After paying the principal back taxes, debtors can get rid of related interest, penalties, or fines. Small tax debts and accessories automatically disappear by law if they do not exceed 1,000 CZK for one financial office.

To successfully resolve tax debts, it is necessary to know the status of the tax arrears. If unsure whether you owe any tax arrears, wait until August to request information. The financial administration will launch a new functionality of the MyTaxes portal by mid-August, allowing everyone to see a list of their tax arrears.

Debt relief requests can be submitted via a web application or directly at the relevant office. You can deliver the request via the MyTaxes portal, email, data box, mail, or in person at the office. The principal must be paid by the end of November. The debt can be paid in installments if it is more than 5,000 CZK. More information is available on the financial administration’s website.

The customs administration also allows for the payment of outstanding debts. However, it does not apply to customs duties and accessories or international assistance enforcing some financial claims. Debtors can use installments if the debt exceeds 5,000 CZK.

To request debt relief, you must fill out a form on the customs administration’s website. The form can be sent to the customs administration data box by pressing the appropriate button on the record, or you can electronically sign and send it by email. You can also submit the request orally to the protocol at the customs administration.

If you have outstanding debts, take advantage of the amnesty program and eliminate your debts now. The program is an excellent opportunity to start fresh and focus on your future financial goals.