New Car Sales in the Czech Republic Increased by 17.2% in Seven Months

The sale of new passenger cars in the Czech Republic increased by 17.2% in the first seven months of this year, reaching 131,638 vehicles sold. In July alone, sales rose by almost a fifth to 16,090 cars. However, this was 21% less than in June. This information is based on data from the Association of Automobile Importers.

Skoda Auto was the leading brand, with an increase in sales of 31% to 46,741 cars. Hyundai followed with a growth of 6% to 12,200 vehicles, and Volkswagen came in third, increasing sales by 19% to 11,103 cars. Other brands that also did well include Toyota, Kia, and Mercedes-Benz.

The registrations of new light commercial vehicles increased by 21% to 12,042. Renault was the best-selling brand, increasing sales by 22% to 1,953 vehicles, followed by Volkswagen, which increased sales by 134% to 1,563 cars, and Opel, which grew by 87% to 1,398 vehicles.

Sales of trucks increased by 17% to 5,935 vehicles. Mercedes-Benz sold the most, with 1,109 cars sold, Volvo with 1,077 vehicles sold, and DAF in third place with 835 sold cars.

In the category of buses, sales decreased by 57% to 396 vehicles. The Setra and domestic Iveco Bus brands sold the most.

Sales of motorcycles increased by 3% to 18,496 units. Japanese brand Honda was the market leader with 4,992 motorcycles sold, followed by Chinese brand CF Moto, which sold 1,646 units, and Yamaha in third place with 1,225 motorcycles sold.

This increase in new car sales in the Czech Republic is a promising sign for the automotive industry in the country. While Skoda Auto remains the leading brand, other brands are also experiencing growth in sales. This growth is not limited to passenger cars, as light commercial vehicles and trucks also see increased sales. The increase in motorcycle sales is also a positive development for the industry. It will be interesting to see how these trends continue in the coming months and whether they will impact the overall economy of the Czech Republic.